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BERRY COYNE: a retired professor from the UH Manoa campus. Although I have been a licensed clinical psychologist since 1991, my faculty appointment was to the School of Social Work. Prior to my appointment to UH in 1992, I worked with autistic children and adults who were sexually abused as children for the Dept of Health up at the Diamond Health clinic starting in 1989. I came to Hawaii in 1988 after four years in Georgia, three of those with Emory University. Farther back, I got my doctorate in 1982 from Washington State and BA from Stanford in 1969.

ATTENDANCE: Vicki White Gail Baugniet Laurie Hanan

Katharine Nohr Barry Coyne Rosemary Mild Larry Mild

  1. MAYORS ARTS & CRAFT SHOW: This Saturday. We unload and set up starting at 07:30. The show is from 09:00 – 13:00. We will use our new banner. Would anyone like to do a 5-10 minute reading? Wear a lei-should I buy some and if so what kind? I will have name tags- bring your conference style badges to fit the name tag in. Does anyone have a mic for a small audience that we can use?

  2. LITERARY GROUP: Craig Howes is scheduled to speak to Hawaii Fiction Writers on Saturday, November 30, at Aina Haina Library from 10 a.m. to noon. This will wrap up the 2019 schedule.

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