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Our Sisters & Misters  in Crime-Hawaii

Published works: 

            For Every Action             

                Deadly Nature             

        With Firey Vengeance       

   Neshoto Junction Homicide  

         Blood Red Homicide    

Gail M Baugniet is the author of the Pepper Bibeau mystery series, anthology short stories, and poetry. When writing her mysteries, she draws from her past experiences as a Part Time Peace Officer and as an Insurance Adjuster. Before taking up writing full time, she worked as a Security Dispatcher for 12 years in Honolulu. Gail is a member of several writers groups, a member of the Makiki Community Library Board, and immediate past president of Sisters in Crime/Hawaii. Her books are available at

Published works: 

Angel Hero: Murder in Hawaii/ A True Story

Palm it Off on Murder

Lizbeth Hartz  ​graduated with a B.A. in English from U.C. Riverside in the early 70’s. Moving to Oahu in 1973, she freelanced as a writer, resulting in nearly 150 nonfiction magazine articles published in local and regional magazines. She spent 14 of her 36 years with federal civil service employed as a dispatcher for two military fire departments on Oahu. Her true-crime/romance memoir Angel Hero, Murder in Hawai’i, A True Story, grew out of that experience. Lizbeth lives with her fiancé, Barry, in lush Manoa Valley. 


Book trailer:


AJ LLewlyn ....

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Published works: 

Land Sharks


Katharine Nohr practices insurance defense and immigration law in Kaneohe. She's a former triathlete and held numerous positions with USA Triathlon.  She's officiated the US Olympic Trials for triathlon, the Kona Ironman World Championships, and World Cups.  

She  is a former family court Judge and appellate mediator. She's the author of Managing Risk in Sport and Recreation and frequently speaks internationally on sports law and risk management.  

Rose T_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Published works: 

Life's a Beach-Maui

Rose Tiegarden  Writes strong female characters drawn from her many years of experiences surfing and sailing. She has over 30,000 blue water miles under her hull. She has lived in Hawaii, Southern California, Mexico, and the Caribbean, and in a nudist colony in Florida. She has worked as a sailmaker, on private charter boats, and for a Hollywood production company.

Cry Ohana

Unto the Third Generation

Death Goes Postal

Death Takes a Mistress

Death Steals a Holy Book

Boston Scream Pie

Hot Grudge Sunday

Locks & Cream Cheese

Murder, Fantasy & Weird Tales

Misadventures of a Soft-boiled Detective

Larry Mild and his wife, Rosemary, coauthor mystery, suspense, and sci-fi novels
and stories. Larry, a Navy veteran, retired as an electronics engineer/equipment designer for major defense contractors. His op-ed piece "Six Ways to Prevent Airline Terrorism" appeared in the Baltimore Sun and Congressional Record.

Rosemary Mild has also published memoirs: Miriam's World—and Mine, for their beloved daughter lost in the terrorist bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland; & Love! Laugh! Panic! Life with My Mother. Plus essays in the Washington Post, Chess Life, Mystery Readers Journal, & elsewhere.     



Published works: 

Alain Gunn or A.K. Gunn:

If Pigs Could Cry

Death of Aloha

A Tale of Two Planets

The Honey Bee

Red Exodus

Kent Reinker, MD has been an active part of the Hawaii community since 1970. As Alain Gunn, he writes techno-thrillers, and as A K Gunn, he writes stories and novels that revolve around crime.

His novels are character-driven and meant to entertain, but are influenced by his experience as a surgeon, educator, and world-traveler and often address issues of importance to us all.

Published works: 

Love Beyond Measure

Prism Poison

Cookie Crumbs, Green Eyes & Murder

The Divine Dusting Series

Teddy Snow & Emma Rae Sieries


Don was born and raised in the Washington DC area. He received his BA degree in History at Evangel University and his Master’s in counseling at the University of Cincinnati. For the past thirty five years, he has been a general building contractor.

Vicki was born in Austin, MN where Spam originated and then moved to Hawaii where it is eaten 8 times more than anywhere else.  She received her ARRT license and specialized in trauma radiology.  She is currently the president for Sisters in Crime, Hawaii.


Published works: 

To be released fall of 2017

Falling Perfectly Without Trying

Jenny Delos Santos is a Filipino American journalist, who originally grew up in Ewa Beach and graduated from James Campbell High.  Having married and given birth to her first born at the age of 21, life went sour as soon as she said, “I do” to her first love, an Airborne Ranger. Finding the strength to walk away she and her two children began their rocky road to a better life.  She has written a Memoir to help others who have experienced domestic violence or depression.   Her ultimate goal is to give hope to those who needs it the most.

Scott Kikkawa ... writes hard-boiled noir stories with a nisei (second generation Japanese-American) police detective protagonist set in Postwar Territorial Honolulu amid labor activism, uneasy race relations and the anti-communist investigations of the House Un-American Activities Committee. His debut novel, Kona Winds, will be released in late 2019 to early 2020 by Bamboo Ridge Press.

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